Wall’s Supports Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign in Vientiane Capital

Unilever Services (Lao) Company Limited is pleased to provide 231 million LAK worth 100,000 sticks of Wall’s Ice-cream to those who have got Covid-19 vaccination and medical workers at the vaccination center in Vientiane capital. This support is as part of a series of Unilever’s commitment to help strengthen the Lao Government’s effort in fighting against the pandemic.

Due the Covid-19 outbreak, which has caused the Lao people greatest concern, the bright smile gradually faded. In recent months, the medical workers have been working hard to fight against the Covid-19 outbreak to protect all Lao people.

Wall’s ice-cream would like to bring those smiles back again by helping everyone to find happiness every day, whether that the smiles of your loved ones, the little things and good time from those around us, it is all happiness that grows in our heart.

Because only happiness will make Lao smile again J we will choose to look at everything in positive ways and choose to live with hope. We believe that behind the mask is a smile from everyone , we will fight together. 

So far, we have contributed more than 720 million LAK or 75,566 USD worth essential foods, ice-creams, home care and personal care products and 10 Ventilators to Ministry of Health, some organizations and people of Lao in their fights against the pandemic.