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Jaguar-Land Rover

Jaguar and Land Rover are iconic British luxury vehicle brands, headquartered in London and with two design centres and three manufacturing plants in the United Kingdom. Jaguar offers a wide range of luxury sedans, sports cars and luxury performance SUVs, while Land Rover has a portfolio of premium all-terrain vehicles.

Land Rover launched in 1948 and took the world by storm with its line of durable luxury SUV’s. It has been a key player in this market ever since. A short time earlier, Jaguar made its name producing sleek, eye-catching luxury cars. In 2013, these two British monoliths merged together under the global name Jaguar Land Rover, allowing a seamless synergy of design and technical prowess under one roof.

The uptake in the Laos has been very promising. In only a few years Jaguar and Land Rover have come to dominate the market segment and continue to enjoy robust growth.

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