BBGL Visit Studio Silapa

A big thank you to the team from Studio Silapa and sister company Soie de Lune for hosting BBGL board members and the UK Embassy at their Vientiane weaving workshop this week. It was fascinating to learn about the production process first-hand – the careful sourcing of quality raw yarn, the extensive research and development into natural dyes, and the patience needed to master the traditional hand-loom. The end result is exquisite, fine fabric in contemporary Lao patterns, highly prized by interior designers in the UK, USA and Europe. Ms. Paipon Saiyadeth, Studio Silapa’s Managing Director, is passionate about promoting Lao weaving domestically and internationally, and is keen to support other local producers by sharing knowledge on sourcing quality yarn, natural dying and other production tips. Her business partner and owner of Soie de Lune, Daniel Marcus, is part of the BBGL’s Executive Board and one of our founding members. To find out more, visit