Dr. Will has been a part of the Lao PDR community since his initial visit in 2005, before fully relocating here in 2011. With extensive experience in healthcare, conservation and tourism business sectors — Dr. Will has been at the forefront of Veterinary and animal welfare in Laos opening the leading veterinary hospital in Vientiane before expanding across SE Asia and has been Vice-Chairman of the Board since 2018.

In 2011, in conjunction with a French NGO he was part of establishing the first Elephant Clinic in Laos, followed by the founding of Animal Doctors International (ADI) in 2014. Since then Dr. Will has grown ADI into the leading veterinary group in SE Asia, with over 10 hospitals operating across Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and most recently — Thailand. Here, he employs a team of 45+ dedicated veterinarians, providing unparalleled access to veterinary care to animals across the region.

ADI was recently recognised by the Lao Government for registering the first international Trademark for a Lao Company using WIPO and is proud of winning the Responsible Business Award in 2023. Dr. Will believes in advocating for economic investment and growth within the region and is one of just a few people to successfully raise private equity investment for Lao based companies. He’s a staunch advocate for the continued development of Laos and its untapped opportunities, seeing it as pivotal for the country’s future and growth. He is also an investor in Mandalao, Luang Prabang’s premier elephant ecotourism initiative.

Throughout his journey, Dr. Will has held positions on both commercial and non-profit boards, including 501(c)3 organisations in the US and Asia. Alongside this he has experience in collaborating with governments, NGOs, international legal teams and investors, building on his expertise in business in SE Asia, and particularly in Laos.

Most recently he founded Idsara Wild — a non-profit organisation collaborating with Zoo de Beauval and World Animal Protection, which is aimed at providing veterinary expertise and support to Laos’ wild animal population through operating the only Elephant Ambulance in the country and consultancy for local and international NGOs.

An advocate for animal welfare and economic development through business, Dr. Will is a permanent fixture in the Lao PDR community and the British Chamber of Commerce.

You can reach Dr. William Thomas at will.thomas@bbglao.org or dig deeper into his professional journey by connecting on LinkedIn.