Daniel Marcus established his fabric hand weaving business in Lao PDR in 2011. He was one of very few people to be issued with a 100% foreign ownership license for handicraft products.  The company originally called Soie de Lune was rebranded in Laos as Studio Silapa. The workshop, based in Vientiane Capital, hand weaves fabrics for export. In addition to weaving fabric, Marcus with his business partner Ms. Paipon Saiyedath, established a fabric dyeing business, one of the only professional dye shops in the country.

They also provide on-site training for both weaving and dyeing and their mission is to create business opportunities for artisans in Laos, to enable them to make a living from their artistic endeavours and to preserve Lao patrimony.  Previously, Marcus worked in Telecoms for France Telecom / Orange in Paris. He now resides in London, UK and continues to support the BBGL remotely.