Emma Pelletreau has been living and working in the Lao PDR since 2001. An anthropologist by training, Emma came to Laos looking for ways to combine her interests in contributing to sustainable development, south-east Asian culture and language, and engaging in applied anthropology. After years of freelance consulting for a variety of public and private sector clients, Emma started Civitas Co., Ltd. with her friend, and now business partner, Mette Boatman. Civitas is a value-driven boutique consulting company which supports clients engaging with communities in the Lao PDR through research actions, strategic communication, and social mapping.

As the Managing Director of Civitas, Emma focuses on FPIC (free, prior, informed consent) processes, and on strengthening the two-way communication between her clients and the communities with which they interact. Emma has considerable experience in designing and implementing qualitative and quantitative information gathering methodologies, in engaging with a wide range of stakeholders and development actors for capacity building, and in maintaining high quality and consistency of data. Emma was recently interviewed about her work with Civitas and you can watch the interview and learn more about her work here.

Emma serves on the Executive Board of the BBGL and Chairs the CSR Sub-committee and its work in supporting the BBGL’s local charities. Emma is always available for our members if they have questions about Corporate Social Responsibility, Community Relationships, or information gathering/research.

On the personal side, in 2009 Emma met Gregoire Pelletreau (in Blue Bananas – remember that?) – they married in 2012, and have two children, Hugo and Chloe. Emma and her family will be relocating to Paris at the end of the year – but after 20 years and a thriving business here, rest assured she will maintain an active interest in all things Lao – and be back to visit!

You can connect with Emma via LinkedIn or email on info@civitas-consulting.com