Vientiane, 25 July 2022 – The British Business Group was privileged to have the chance to visit the Lao Disabled Women’s Development Centre (LDWDC) on 23 July 2022 to learn firsthand about the significant contribution the Centre is making to the lives of women with disability nationwide.

The British Business Group – which is the local chamber of commerce for UK-focused businesses, trading partners and friends under the patronage of the British Embassy – has been a long-term supporter of LDWDC. The visit was organized to help raise awareness among British Business Group members about LDWDC and to explore future opportunities for collaboration.

LDWDC was established at its current location near the Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge in Vientiane Capital by Madam Chanpheng Sivila in 2002. It currently supports 30-35 women every year with access to remedial medical treatment, physical therapy, prosthetics, health education, life skills alongside vocational training in I.T., dress-making, weaving and pottery.

Over the years LDWDC has assisted more than 1500 women with disabilities. After completing a structured program of training and support, LDWDC helps trainees secure employment with local companies or to establish their own business.  Follow-up surveys have confirmed that two-thirds of LDWDC graduates have gained more autonomy and are able to earn a living upon returning home.

Visitors from the British Business Group were given a warm welcome by Madam Chanpheng and her staff, who explained the history, purpose and focus of the Centre. “We want to promote inclusion and show everyone that women with disability can contribute to their family and society” she explained, before leading a tour of the facilities to see the breadth of activities on offer.

The Centre offers taster-sessions on a range of handicraft activities including weaving, pottery, paper making and upcycling. It is an educational and fun way to spend a few hours or full day. For more information on arranging a visit, see the LDWDC (, Facebook or phone 021 812282