The Ministry of Industry and Commerce, LNCCI and sponsors from the World Bank, Australia Aid, US Aid and Irish Aid initiated the Lao Government’s ‘Inventory of Business Licenses’ at an event held at the Lao Plaza Hotel at 2:00 pm on 25 January 2023. Chairman John Cockcroft and Executive Secretary, Seng Xayphrakassa attended the event on behalf of the BBGL membership.

The attendees were informed of an online, one-stop-shop facility whereby new companies could find out about and register their businesses and existing companies could renew their licenses by using There was no additional cost for using the facility.

The audience were informed that most businesses in Lao are SMEs. With ambitions to improve the ease of doing business the Lao Government had followed ASEAN and WTO guidelines to make improvements, remove obstacles, improve competitiveness and help foreign investors. The full presentation on the platform, including user guides, can be downloaded here.

The National Enterprise Database had involved 17 Lao ministries, and numerous Vientiane and provincial business associations. In setting up the system, objectives were to lower the risk in high risk sectors, improve transparency and trust, widely publicise the facility, streamline and facilitate the registration process and provide on-line business services.

BBGL recommends its members visit the website to investigate the information and facilities provided.