Royal Ascot Ladies’ Day

The special cultural and sporting event, “Royal Ascot Ladies’ Day”, organised by the British Business Group Lao, was held on 16 June 2022 at the Lao Land Rover showroom. This was an occasion for all the guests to dress elegantly, and specially for the ladies, but also for some men – to wear a chic hat.

The event was supported by Lao Land Rover, and it’s managing director, Wayne McIntosh, launched the Hat Fashion show and contest with the entrance of a Land Rover Defender carrying the lady that modelled the first hat. The hat contest was judged by the ladies in the public and brought great excitement! A first prize, a second prize and three third prizes were won in the heated competition.

The Royal Ascot Ladies’ Day horse races were then projected live onto the giant video screen. Great fun was had by all – and the general opinion was that it was an event to repeat – now that Ascot style hats have made this impressive entrance into Laos.

We wish to thank our host, Lao Land Rover, and also express our gratitude to Ban Keo Hats, Love Life, Crowne Plaza, Souphattra Apartments, Métisse Restaurant and Artisan cocktail bar for supporting the event.