The Very Unusual British and Lao Music Festival

The British Business Group organised a new and ‘unusual’ musical event for August on the theme of sharing and getting to know British and Lao music – with an open invitation to everybody, both Lao and international guests.

The highlight came with live music from Lao musicians. First, the Danxang Music Group played traditional Lao music on the khaen as well as other instruments under the direction of Khamsuane Vongtongkham. Their last title was the rendering of a piece of British music on the Khaen, accompanied by a saxophone and an accordion, demonstrating that the Khaen is a very versatile instrument.

The second group of Lao musicians were from The Pianist Vientiane Chamber Orchestra. The beauty and power of the music sung by lead singer Mookdavan Khattiya, accompanied by talented musicians playing piano, cello, violin, flute and saxophone impressed the audience. They opened with a dynamic rendering of Dean Haeng Idsara and finished with beautiful interpretations of two British songs.

Thanks to all who participated, and to the sponsors, Crowne Plaza Hotel and SevenOrients-Creative Seven Arts.