Upcoming Events

A Full Year of Events

BBGL organizes or participates in many events each year including:

  • monthly BBGL Networking events
  • Top Executive meetings
  • Joint-Chambers event
  • involvement in British Embassy Festivals and events
  • business and education fairs
  • attending meetings with the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The BBGL Networking Events

The monthly Networking events that are organised by the BBGL are designed to bring people together, help promote companies, and give visibility to positive causes. Many formats and themes are put into play that produces a wide variety and many styles of events. These range from showcasing companies and businesses that host an event, supporting and putting a spotlight on charities and positive causes, joint events with the British Embassy… to others that are theme-based around sport, culture, environment, creative activities, and much more.

 The essential element is that people enjoy the evening and take away new contacts or knowledge that benefits them. These events generally include finger food and drinks, and so present a convivial moment. Non-members are welcome but will be asked to pay a 50,000 kip admission fee.

Upcoming Events

The date and venue of the BBGL Networking events are announced about 2 weeks before they take place – via direct emails to all the members and on the BBGL Facebook page.